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The decision to become debt free is liberating but can also be difficult. Contacting one of our Elgin Bankruptcy Attorneys is often the hardest part of filing for bankruptcy in Illinois. The first step to eliminating your debt is to call us or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation. We have offices conveniently located all around the Chicago metro area. We also are set up to have a virtual consultation anywhere in Illinois. 


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Our Elgin Bankruptcy Attorneys are ready to discuss:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Elgin

     -few assets but lots of debts

     -individuals with business debts

     -business liquidation

     -credit card debt or medical bills


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Elgin

     -house in foreclosure

     -parking tickets and toll violations

     -some marital support obligations

     -assets are protected


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Elgin

     -small business reorganization

     -merchant cash advances

     -cannot file for Chapter 13

     -personally guaranteed business debts