Our attorneys have been practicing Bankruptcy in Illinois for over a decade. Our focus has always been providing quality representation for all of our clients. confronting your debt can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. It is not easy to face problems with overspending or loss of income while your phone is ringing with calls from debt collectors. Fortunately, relief can come quickly and we are happy to discuss your debt relief options in a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

From the time we opened our doors until the present day we have been one of the only law firms in Chicago that represents both debtors and creditors in:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This type of case involves a total discharge from most debts and in most cases you will retain your assets and walk away debt free. You should consider this if you have a lot of debt and low income.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

This kind of case in lets a business or individual reorganize a large amount of debt without the constraints of a Chapter 13. This is an ideal filing for a small business that is overburdened with internet loans. This can be filed as a regular small business case or as a Subchapter V case.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Provides the ability for an individual to reorganize without the threat of collections or law suits. Designed for stopping foreclosure, catching up on missed mortgage or car payments.