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Business Lawyer Motty Stone Provides Experienced Representation to Software Companies in Illinois

Software companies are often concerned with many different legal issues facing all business owners, but in the software world, intellectual property and operations are perhaps the most common issues business owners will face. Business attorney Motty Stone from the Law Offices of Schneider and Stone can help you with these concerns. Motty Stone has extensive experience with many different practice areas, including software license agreement negotiations, internet privacy concerns and CAN-SPAM laws, portfolios of intellectual property and operations procedures for distribution partner networks and other key personnel. If you are running a software company facing any kind of legal issue, contact our experienced business lawyers to determine how the Law Offices of Schneider and Stone can help you.

Intellectual Property Issues That Software Companies Must Address

When dealing with any sort of intellectual property issue, business lawyer Motty Stone advises companies to diversify their portfolio. Some of the most common issues that our firm handles include copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents.

Copyrights can apply to any substantive, discrete form of an idea or information fixed in a particular medium. Patents, while still new in the software world, offer a legal monopoly in the use, sale and manufacture of particular inventions. Trademarks refer to the protected use of particular logos, words, phrases, colors, sounds and symbols to identify products, services or companies. Additionally, these trademarks serve to distinguish a company and its products from its competitors. Trade secrets refer to the information kept secret that gives a company an advantage over its competitors.

For software companies, these intellectual property issues often come up in source code escrows, license grants, infringement indemnity obligations, use of open source software and the use of confusing identification symbols by competitors. Attorney Motty Stone understands these intellectual property issues, and works closely with software companies to protect their rights to their own intellectual property.

Other Legal Concerns Facing Software Companies

In today’s world, no national or international software company can operate without having a strong presence on the Internet. Any time a company is operating on the Internet, that company must be aware of certain privacy issues. For instance, CAN-SPAM laws regulate the allowed uses of commercial email, while the European Union Data Protection Directive limits what a company can do with personal information from residents of the European Union. Online privacy laws are constantly evolving, and Naperville business lawyer Motty Stone stays current with all of these developments to make sure that your company’s practices are within necessary regulations.

It is also important for any software company to engage the correct personnel, gather adequate financing and create channel partners across the globe to make sure that new markets are always available. Engaging the correct personnel ensures that business owners do not have to constantly pay for costly training and that they do not have to mediate employment separation disputes. You should also investigate alternatives to debt and equity when trying to financial your software company. Finding capital from the right sources means not worrying about stringent loan covenants, security cashing issues and inefficient company mergers. Furthermore, it is important to develop relationships with the right partners so that new markets are always available to you. He can also help you save your company from overwhelming debt by filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Business attorney Motty Stone has successfully represented many software companies in difficult employment, financing and networking situations. He is familiar with many different types of business litigation, and he works hard to provide the most efficient representation you can get so that you keep your legal costs to a minimum. He has specifically tailored his business litigation experience to the needs of software companies, and he can help you with any legal issue you are facing. Contact business lawyer Motty Stone from the Law Offices of Schneider and Stone to set up a free consultation with our attorneys.

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